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Provincial Labour Office Phangnga

Annual Red Cross and Phang Nga Province Annual 2553.


  Phang Nga Phang Nga Province Red Cross with them. Annual events and the annual 2553 International Red Cross on 11-20 February 2553 and 10 days 10 nights at the front of the old city hall Nga after the scheduled opening ceremony on February 11, 2553 at center-stage event at 17:00 pm
In this unit under the Ministry of Labor in Phang Nga province. Led activities. Participate in this activity with such as Thai massage, health services, special rates. Recruitment. With professional testing. Career guidance. Service issues advice to workers. Exhibit knowledge. Public service and mission of the agency under the Ministry of Labor and Service Co-Nga Province. Takua Pa district. The visitors can get any of these services.