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Provincial Labour Office Phangnga

Kkh. alert nationwide alien workers gather up the right to join a work permit will be withdrawn.


Department of Employment. Alerts employers and workers alien nationality Burma, Laos, Cambodia, the Ministry of Labor to comply with the rights of aliens gathered. Otherwise, work permits will be withdrawn and all rights in the Kingdom.
Hi Mr. divinity associated Sucnt National Director Department of Employment said that due to a news event that a group of people gathered in the red shirt on March 14, 2553, so alien, so that workers receive an extension to the Kingdom. Kingdom temporarily guilty about regulations. Announced by the Ministry of Interior. Ministry of Labor announced and other laws. Related defined. The only gathering of travel and moving out of area to receive permission to work. This will result in an extension rights granted to the Kingdom and the work ends soon. Department of Employment is a notification to the provincial employment offices nationwide, including recruitment agencies Bangkok area 1-10 to clarify an employer or owner of the establishment. Alien workers, as well as Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar nationals, follow the Ministry of Labor announced. Rights of alien workers in assembly and movement outside the permitted area, dated November 23, 2552, including the Interior Ministry announced. And other laws. Strictly related.