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Provincial Labour Office Phangnga

Lord Worachai her family. Sri Praagcsehga General Mis his era Worachai the princess has come to visit and follow-up. Operating love of family bond program.


On February 1, 2553 Lord Worachai her family. Sri Praagcsehga General Mis his era Worachai the princess has come to visit and monitor performance. “Love of family bond program Nga province” at home portals แป๊ะ policy ย Moo 2, Tambon Koh Pratag. District Curaburi. The fishermen and boat people floating guard greet Wharf area of approximately 300 aircraft.
Then proceed to the prestigious public school auditorium. Sign prestigious public school auditorium. Mark his chair. Mr. sun take great pleasure group Nga provincial governor tell report performance bond program of family love Phang Nga province. As well as tell withdraw the needle into ate honor project bond of love of family income down 38 scholarships to the Royal School honor student and public school Moken development of 29 cases revealed regular library books and sports equipment to the director of public schools honored. Teachers and community learning center island Pratag district. Given set of kitchen housewife. Representatives of the housewife to cook regular program of family love relationship Phang Nga province. His great love of family members call the project an extension of Phang Nga province, district 8, and then proceed to the prestigious public school buildings. Museum Moken people to observe. Observe the prestigious public school Iuw farmers and come to a small child development center children to develop players sent representatives boys women development centers children Tambon Administration Organization of the island Pratag. Sent to the media instructors teaching hospitals. He observe activities of mobile medical units in the Royal Princess Royal Oarsa upon the king. Crown Prince of Siam. And proceed to the Moken love the web development project. Royal visit revealed bag 6 family members to observe the lifestyle of the local fishing Moken people. He left the number of sea turtles that come from 9 to observe the demonstration of outstanding local restaurants. Proceed to the conservation of natural resources. Observe conservation and restoring coastal resources given seedling.
Then proceed to observe the local fishing career promotion. Products processed from animals. The agencies under the Ministry of Labor in Phang Nga province. Presented results based training program sufficient to alleviate economic suffering career. Training in a variety of types of fishing equipment. And food from animals such as shrimp paste chili shrimp skewer. Chilli salted fish, etc.. 
Then proceed to the center and developing community health nursing mothers, and basic community health centers. Royal bags sent home visit by a member club dribble milk observe a mother of 5 activities include health care by way of parent and child Chawel. Promoting child development with lullaby. Project Honor village modify behavior. Health and fitness “of woven wire rope, the love,” agricultural production. Baton Boutique making machine. Rice leaves indoor wicker hat. Observe family life consists of the Moken people twang of the traditional ceremony Chawel Los bo d (homage ceremony wraith with portrait) ceremony check some leeway. Simulation of life aboard Moken people. Come to the venue line housewife love of family bond program. Come home to Navy Pier Tha แป๊ะ policy ย. He left 999 the number of striped bass and white, respectively.