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Provincial Labour Office Phangnga

Meeting Head of the Department of Labor official time Phang Nga Province 1 / 2553.


 She came to this fine Sima’s young academics, workers need special expertise. Maintain government representatives. Labor Phang Nga province. Reported the results of operations training program sufficient to alleviate economic suffering professional Phang Nga province. Phang Nga Province, which office workers joined various districts. The training of 19 models with the number of trained 954 people. 
Performance and expand the network established volunteer workers Phang Nga province. Phang Nga province, which can establish and expand a network of 239 volunteer workers to people in 176 villages, district 45 area communities 3.

The meeting was co-determined activities on the elderly as the National Year 2553 bond projects and love of the royal family patronage. His Majesty the King Royal Oarsa Department. Crown Prince of Siam. The Advisory Division, the Royal Worachai princess. The Royal Patronage. His Majesty the King Royal Oarsa Department. Crown Prince of Siam. Provide feedback to improve. Fishing tools not to use local materials of wood and screws that have an impact on the environment and life in the short term. That is durable and can be used long term. In order to reduce costs.