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Provincial Labour Office Phangnga

Project preparation and development of workers outside the database system.


On 4-5 March 2553, Mr. Sunants Pho Thong technical consulting workers. Chaired the seminar project preparation and development of workers outside the database system. “Workers outside the database system. To integrated data exchange between government agencies’ staff who work with the database system from workers outside the central province and 38 provincial pilot. To approach the first phase of operations in all agencies under the Ministry of Labor requires understanding the user database and collaboration focused on improving data integrity. Same standard. To-date information. That all agencies can be useful indeed. And long-term expectations that the Ministry of Labor will be able to exchange information with links to the various units to create a national standard data analysis can reflect on the needs of workers outside the system to know the true identities of the workers outside. systems to forecast future trends in labor outside the system. Including operations in promoting development. Inspection to protect the benefits of knowledge. And driving performance-oriented integrated joint agency of the Department and agencies involved in providing care to protect workers outside the system.