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Provincial Labour Office Phangnga

Social security office as it was fine contribution (5 percent) from January 2553 onwards.


Social Security Office (Sps.) revealed that the past measures have reduced social security fund contribution rate. To alleviate the problem lay with employers who guarantee their employees of the Ministry of Labor. Measures to reduce the cost of living “3 reduction 3 to add” which has since July 1, 2553 Date and end on December 31, 2552 (6 years period) with the remaining 3 percent of each party pay monthly installments so. January 2553 employers will need to submit contributions. Rate of 5 per cent each party pay (base pay 15,000 baht employer contribution must be delivered. The employers and their insurance each month 750 baht), according to the original.
For their insurance under Section 39 (the insurance they voluntarily) to adjust the contribution rate as before. From the original 9 percent of pay (base pay 4,800 baht) reduce the remaining 5 percent of their wages provide insurance under Section 39 to send contributions reduced to 240 baht per month of the period from 6 to July period. months past the December 2552 month period from January 2553 onwards, the insurance under Section 39 they must submit a monthly contribution as it was 432 baht.