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Provincial Labour Office Phangnga

Spirit and help the people of Haiti affected.


The events of the severe earthquake in Haiti on January 14, 2553 which resulted in damage and the people of Haiti as many deaths. Help raise worldwide. Together these events fully. To express the spirit of the people of Phang Nga. And generosity to the people of Haiti affected by this disaster. Phang Nga Province is PR. Invite people in the province. Co-contributions people of Haiti through a savings account, Krung Thai Bank account number from 809 to 0 – 20847-9 account Nga people come together. Relief Haiti. On February 2, 2553 Mr. sun take great pleasure group Nga provincial governor. Chaired the event date and kindness Relief native Haiti. The live event through the radio station frequency Nga province of Thailand, 100 mega Hirsch want to release to the public in the province have been informed about these.
In this unit under the Ministry of Labor in Phang Nga province. Has agreed to donate to help victims with people of Haiti in this province with. Total donations of Phang Nga province on February 2, 2553 is 522,596 baht currency.