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Provincial Labour Office Phangnga

The proof of citizenship and work permit for alien workers to escape the city.


Extended to prove citizenship and grace in the Kingdom. The alien workers must file a verified citizenship and permission to work completed by the date February 28, 2553.
Cabinet has also resolved on 19 January 2553 approved the extension of national reconciliation and grace to the Kingdom of alien workers to escape immigration nationality Burma, Laos and Cambodia.
To comply with the Cabinet. Alien workers received work permits in 2552, the year work permit expired on January 20, 2553 and work permits expire on February 28, 2553 asking the health check and health insurance with hospital and 9 of the State and filed. prove citizenship and have a work permit with the job completed by the Phang Nga province on February 28, 2553 filed by the following evidence.

  1. a request to prove citizenship. Enter the full text of Thai and Burmese languages.
  2. 13 Tt request a complete full text.
  3. work permit (pink) with a copy or certificate request. Or receipt of Department of Employment with the latest copy.
  4. copies T.r. 38 / 1.
  5. medical certificate.
  6. copies of ID cards employers.
  7. proxy contact stamp alien workers from 10 baht (if labor had not filed their own).
  8. letter from their employer mandate be 30 baht duty (if signed by employer representatives).
  9. notices the alien employment permit (quota).
  10. copies of identification card attorney.
  11. 1-inch photograph of Figure 4.
  12. work permit fee of 1 year from 1000 to 1100 baht. 

Therefore, the release employers / owners of the establishment of alien workers hurried to complete the day at the February 28, 2553 For more information on careers office Nga Province Tel 0-7646-0674.