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Provincial Labour Office Phangnga

Warning! People to submit their insurance benefit replacement in 1 year.


Social Security Office (Sps.) announced today that they have insurance, many still do not know how to file request replacement benefits all cases. Do within -1 – year. From right to receive benefits on a case that alternative. Except unemployment. That the insurance they need to file for registration with the Unemployment Office of the State employment within 30 days after termination is. Or leave the job.
If illness / accident. If he treated the non Rp. Rp. rights under the guarantee card. Submitted to obtain benefits from the replacement of their insurance to receive treatment or the date of receipt if childbirth from the date of childbirth in birth case provided the estimate since the image force on medical treatment and end. is of the opinion that the estimate is the image force, which provided medical certificates in cases of death from the date of death given on death certificate.
For child welfare cases. The insurance that they have the right to receive child welfare. Must pay contributions from 12 months to have a child legally. Age from birth to 6 years and each time obtain the benefits of not more than 2 people if Chrapap. Who will obtain their insurance pension Chrapap have. The end of their life insurance is a full 55 years of age by their insurance must obtain the benefits of Alternative 1 year from the date right. 
Employees who ask their insurance or who qualify are entitled to the benefit of any alternative to obtain the benefit replacement soon filed within the time required to uphold their rights.
The employees of insurance benefits they can obtain replacement of all cases filed at all, except Sps. headquarters. And verify documents submitted to obtain useful alternative to complete. For convenience if you have any further questions asked. At Social Security office area / province / national direct contact or call .1506. Daily not leave holiday time from 07.00 – 19.00